Tired of Work? Have a Delicious Barbecue!

There are many other reasons to love cooking on the grill, but these should be enough to convince cook there now. The food we cook this way is generally low in refined carbohydrates and sugars; the cooking technique is sound and features seasonal produce.


We love barbecuing for many reasons:

1. It gives food a unique flavor that we can’t produce on a stove.

2. The flavor is such that the sauces and condiments are not needed, which means fewer calories and preparation work.

3. Fat is leaked while cooking; thus it’s healthier. 😉

4. The recipes are usually very simple.

5. As the cooking is done outside, the house remains cool, an advantage when it’s hot.

6. It is easy and fun.

7. Spouses and children who are reluctant to help in the kitchen are happy to put their hands in the dough.

8. The cleaning is just to burn the residual grease and brush the grates.

9. This allows YOU, the chef, to get outside and relax.

10. There is something decidedly festive in the barbecue.



Locate hot spots.

Whatever the quality of the grill machine (you can find some good gas grill review on RBE), some places are warmer than others. To locate them, turn on the grill, place slices of white bread on the entire surface of the grid and remove them after two minutes. Their color will tell you where are the hot spots.

Find the right temperature.

If the food is burnt or if the grease ignites means that the heat is too high. The flames are not necessary to get a good grilled flavor. Cook over medium heat, not high heat, and modify if necessary the cooking time depending on the desired result.


Avoid regularly turning the food.

It has the effect of drying out. It is recommended not turn the food more than once.

Use both hands.

Experienced cooks often use two utensils to handle food on the grill; they are less likely to slide the spatula.

Use the cover smartly.

When the lid is closed, the food cooks like an oven: heat fills the space and cooked on all sides. Cooking uncovered resembles that of a cook: the bottom diffuses the heat. It is suitable for food such as net fish or asparagus, but when your roast or whole chicken is cooked through, turn down heat and close the lid.

Do not add the sauce until the end.

One must add the BBQ sauce towards the end of cooking or at the table. Otherwise, it may burn. Keep in mind that it is not supposed to enter the food but merely cover them. It is not necessary to cook longer.

Skewers, plates, and other utensils are your allies.

To prevent food sticking to the grill or pass through, we often resort to more or less effective stuff. There are tools specifically designed for these uses. Thus, the new barbecue trays and baskets are provided with a finer mesh at the bottom that facilitates fine cooking. Failure to dispose of, you can put small pieces of thin wood strips. Also, always spray oil on the grill before cooking; food will be less likely to attach.