5 Notes from an Experienced Digital Nomad

I’ve been living the life of a digital nomad for a number of years now, so I know about all the delusions of grandeur – the life of a digital nomad is somewhat treacherous. For instance, you may think that there’s nothing better than traveling all around the globe and getting paid for working from remote places, but it all takes its toll – it is a lonely, exciting life of a tech-savvy traveler. Here’s a cool list of things that I’ve taken note of during my travels.

The hardest part is making the decision

Before I started my nomadic lifestyle, I had the high ground – I knew all about the ins and outs of a digital nomad’s life. But I was blessed because more than 5 of my friends and family members had taken on this calling, so I had heard many tales before I even gave the life a go. My point is – if you’ve got the right mindset for it, the life of a digital nomad is far from hard.

Of course, being on the road 90% of the time can be emotionally exhausting, especially when you realize that “on the road” means “in random places on this rock circling around the Sun”. Therefore, the single toughest part that every digital nomad has to go through in order to become one is making the big decision.

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Keeping an open mind

The number one rule in digital nomadism is: compensating for the lack of a workspace is absolutely vital! I’m not talking about when you need to get some work done on your own (you can do this wherever you please); I’m talking about collaboration efforts, and make no mistake, the life of a digital nomad is full of collaboration and networking opportunities that no one should miss. One solution is getting to a convenient coffee house that suits your needs; you can find the perfect one using an app such as Work Hard Anywhere.

If you need a temporary office for a couple of days or weeks, Airbnb can hook you up.

Keeping the cash flow steady

Sometimes on my travels, my finances were awesome, other times they ended up being god-awful, forcing me to get in debt. One thing is for certain in a digital nomad’s life, and it’s that nothing is really certain. There are a lot of convenient ways to make money online, such as doing surveys and questionnaires, or writing blog articles. Having some extra cash lying around can be of tremendous importance while abroad, which is a relatively permanent state for every digital nomad.

You still need a day job

This is perhaps the most important thing related to digital nomadism; something I can safely say I’ve nailed spot on. I am talking about your real job. In order to be a truly happy digital nomad, you need to find the profession that fulfills you. For me, this was writing; for you, it can be literally anything, as long as it can be done online. In any case, a digital nomad without a particular job is not a digital nomad, but a vagabond.

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Connecting with people

For the vast majority of digital nomads, this isn’t a permanent line of work – sure, there are examples out there of people who find this type of life perfect, but you’re going to have to come to certain terms if you want to become a digital nomad. For a true traveling professional, there is no anchor – not family, nor friends. As for me, I am well aware of the fact that I am going to settle down at some point. The contacts that I’ve managed to make, however, are absolutely irreplaceable – networking is the pillar of digital nomadism!

You shouldn’t keep to yourself at all times during your travels – explore every single opportunity out there and shake as many hands as you possibly can while traveling without an anchor; meet people and then buy them a drink and connect. Who knows what the future holds.

Once you’ve made that first step into the uncertain world of digital nomadism, you’ll want to work on tuning your mind to the frequencies of a world-wide traveler. Always keep an open mind, keep your cash flow alive, but make sure that you’re passionate about what you do on your travels – in this way, you’ll truly learn how to connect. I know I did!

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May 21, 2018