I’m Andrew, and much to my dismay – never had a nickname.

Not sure if this is the first page where you landed, but I’m certain you will quickly get a grasp of what this blog is all about.

No, it’s not about skipping work. It’s not about work depression.

My passion is sharing ideas and creating products for people who are looking for a better way to handle their money.


So we can:

  • retire early
  • get rid of student debt
  • start traveling more
  • manage money better
  • live on a budget
  • save more

All in all – sort our personal finances. Like grown ass (wo)men.

I love showing everyday-normal people how to go from living paycheck-to-paycheck to getting completely out of debt and creating hope for their future.

Image living with zero-debt, a nice-looking savings account growing to your early retirement?

From paycheck-to-paycheck life, living on credit, one disaster away from having your life completely ruined, to a stable income and managing to save up for early retirement.

That is achievable.

That side of life looks awesome – and I’d like to show how to get there.

We’re taking it here baby steps, one post at a time.

If you have any questions about the blog or just wanna say hi – head to this page.


Don’t suck,