The best thing ever - Budget Bike Lane

Budget Bike Lane: Your Secret Way To Never Go Broke – Again!

Making budgets aid in directing our expenses, but in truth they limit us. While it does not sound funny, these limitations are for a deserving reason.

By willingly limiting interim costs, we can stay away from financial misfortune and toil in the direction of attaining long-term financial goals.

Theoretically, if we could forecast our every expenditure, then we could live on our regular income and not have to feel concerned about other economic shortcomings.

In reality, it does not occur that way, especially for long-term goals.

‘Life’ always have an idea around us and our finances. That is why it’s important to have a good control system of your finances from the start on.

What is the Budget Bike Lane?

Well, I advise for anyone seeking to live below their means to make a buffer with personal restrictions on spending. This supplements your common emergency fund and can cover for unforeseen costs that may arise and less for the “I lost my job” scenarios.

This may comprise of ‘savings’ you have set aside for other goals like car fund, trips, medical funds, etc.

Some folks might be wondering which should get a better percentage of the bike lane and emergency funds?

Well, this is going to be the same for everybody as we all have different needs. Nevertheless, you would not be able to create that buffer or extend your bike lane if you keep spending every money that gets to your hand.

Eventually, your finance and lifestyle require some level of blending for you to live on a reduced amount of what you earn.

Below are some tips I use to sustain and grow my financial “budget bike lane”:

24 vs. 26 Pay Periods

My pay periods always come every two weeks, this implies I get paid 26 times every year, yet my budget plan is made on two pay periods per month.

That means merely I understand means I get two (2) little extra every year. Maybe that money assists me in catching up if I have gone over your limit, replace my emergency fund, payment for a vacation, and so on.

I do not make a budget for it, so I can make use of it whenever the need arises.

Beefing Up Your Tax Refund

Requesting fewer tax exemptions will lead you to take home lesser pay each month, but it will ultimately lead you to learn to live off less and receiving a larger tax refund.

Frugal Months

Every frugal month leads to constricting those screws now and then, and getting back to the necessities. It is more like hitting the reset control mid-year and hoping it aids you to keep a little more hundred bucks.

Secret Savings

$250 from my regular salary goes to a secret savings account that is not included in my proper financial plan.

Nonetheless, I know it is there, I will go months without touching it. I am always happy when I remember, log in, and see I have a little more without a plan on it. Some might be against this system, but it has worked wonders for me.


What do you do to make sure you are living less on your earnings? Is there any budget bike lane in your finances?

As you make progress in your career or getting old, maybe to get married or have children; your rail would need to become more significant and stronger to stop that minivan filled with bigger financial responsibilities.

Planning for the future is always great. Although challenging to start, it still great to have a good plan.

Thanks for taking this ride with me!

October 31, 2017