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6 Ways to Build a Fortune with Small Change

There are so many ways to gain financial independence but the most overlooked way is probably through petty investment.

You can actually redefine your financial life in such a way that you don’t need to stress yourself over your active income.  The substantial part of your wealth can come from less imagined sources.

Here are some tips needed for you to build wealth around that petty cash.

Get Rid of Those Outstanding Loans

To start with, you need to get rid of those outstanding loans like mortgage loans, student loans, car loans, and credit cards. You can utilize an effective debt control strategies like debt snowball or debt avalanche.

The reason why you need to stop incurring debts is that it is the only way to have a secure investment.

By doing this, you have an assurance that whatever cash you have is not going into the hands of a lender but right into your investment portfolio. Avoid credit card debts. Debt just eats up your income and decreases your opportunity to build wealth.

Adopt Multiple Streams of Income

Having other passive sources of income is a great way to start building your fortune.

You can start up a tech blog or perhaps if you have an unimaginable flair for freelance business, you can start as a graphic designer, web designer, or any other skills that can fetch you a substantial source of income aside from your main job.

You can likewise create your own landing page where people with digital skills can showcase their products in form of digital marketing tools such as ebook, audiobook and video courses.

Join a P2P Lending platform

An online Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform is a platform that utilizes big data technology by bringing investors and borrowers together. Investors are rewarded with returns on investment (ROI).

The advantage of P2P investment platforms is that it has a low correlation, less volatility, and higher ROI unlike conventional sources of investment. 

Lending Club is still the world’s biggest Peer-to-peer lending platform as it offers individual and SME loans over a fixed period.

Use a Micro-Savings Account Savings Tool

With the integration of technology in the finance industry, investment has been made easy.

Micro-savings apps are mobile applications that allow investors to invest their spare change, which gets accrued over time and develops into a lump sum of money which investors can withdraw at any time. These apps are gradually dominating piggy banks.


For instance, if you spend $9.50 in a grocery store, the app will “round up” the fee to $10 and then transfer it to your investment portfolio.

Acorns, Stash and other apps can help you do the magic. However, note that each has its pros and cons.


Always Live Within Your Income

Do not make unnecessary purchases when you don’t need to.

It is advisable to have a list of priority that you can check to pay your bills and every other thing you need.

Do not be enticed by credit plans and loans. It is actually better to save those small amounts than spending it unnecessarily.

Get a Savings Account

Although you won’t earn much money by investing in a savings account, the benefit of this is that there is always a top-up of interest on your money. You can invest in form of money market accounts and earn yourself a reasonable sum of interest with no risk of principal loss.

In summary, there are other ways you can create wealth with small change.  It all depends on an individual making a conscious effort to overlook unnecessary stuff by saving. Every spare change that could have been spent can be channeled to improve one’s financial life.

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November 9, 2017