How To Go About Investing In Cryptocurrences

Are you thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies? Not only is it a safe and exciting way to add to your bottom line, but bitcoins offer a wide range of additional perks that make the investing process an even more enticing proposition.

At this moment, the price of one bitcoin has risen to $10,000 US dollars.

Now, none of these cryptocurrencies would’ve survived if there weren’t for initial investors.

I’m kinda blaming myself for not getting into the game sooner… Duuh!

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Basically, without financial backing and support from investors, crypto-founders’ dreams will never become reality in today’s cutthroat cryptocurrency industry.

It’s time to make things right.

Are you ready to start investing? And are you ready to go on an adventurous ride throughout the process? You’ll have access to both as soon as you start investing in bitcoins.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Don’t expect to have an immediate return on bitcoin investing. If you are looking for a way to get out of debt, for example, this is not the way to go (you can read more about debt relief on Debt Academy here)

As a potential investor, there are a few simple ways to invest in hot, upcoming cryptocurrencies and bitcoin projects. There are risks, of course, so make sure to go through your options well.

The most common financing options include:

Angel investing 

Many Angel investors look at investing in bitcoins the same way they look at investing in startups. Each bitcoin presents a unique investment opportunity for one or more small investors looking to help indie cryptocurrencies get their projects off the ground.

Angel investors can also invest in larger bitcoin projects, but typically only finance a small percentage of the overall bitcoin, whereas a single Angel investor could potentially finance an entire bitcoin.

Series A round of financing

When cryptocurrency creators gain financial backing from venture capitalists, the first initial financial push will often come from a Series A round of funding. It’s called “Series A” because the name specifically refers to the type of stock investors will receive in exchange for their financial investment.

Cryptocurrency funds

With this method of financing, one or more groups of investors will form a crypto financing fund. When they discover a project that they are interested in, they will use capital from this fund to finance the endeavor.

Additional Perks for Cryptocurrency Investors

Investor credits – have you ever wanted to use a project that succeeded in your portfolio? Investing in cryptocurrencies can make that happen. You’ll receive a credit as well as hefty profits for successful cryptocurrency projects.

Pay for stuff online – it’s still on the rise, but not only do you make investments that can fatten up your savings portfolio, you can also start paying online for things. Bitcoins alone are being accepted by more than 100,000 merchants online.

Being a part of a modern wave – as an investor, you’ll be in the same group as many financially forward-thinking celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher or Nas. The Hollywood elite understands the value of living online and having an online currency.

Cryptocurrency investing certainly has its perks. It’s also a phenomenal way to make safe and secure investments. Make sure to do your proper research before making any purchase, and be prepared to get all of your investing ducks in a row so that everything is above board and up to snuff.

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November 29, 2017