Keep Your Money-Making Machine Going – But, How To Stay Motivated?

You can save as much as you want, but if you’re not working in your twenties, you sure as hell are not going to retire in your thirties.

We are aiming for early retirement, and hard work is its clear predecessor.

No matter if you’re working remotely or in office, your productivity levels need to spike high for maximum effectiveness.

Okay, so my choice is clear – I work remotely. But still…

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Ensuring you’re on the ball at work and as focused as possible is a must if you wish to perform well. So, here are some tips on how to do so.

Begin the Day with Exercise

The big secret to staying motivated at work actually begins way before work starts.

Working out is an important part of staying focused and motivated during work hours. By completing a workout routine in the middle of your workday, it is far easier focus on the tasks at hand with your blood flowing and brine-filled with oxygen.

Enjoy the Company of your Team

It is important to understand how much individuals affect each other at work and outside. Taking time to invest in these relations will make work a fun and more productive task.

Consider how much time you spend at work and how depressing it would be if communication is tense, relations strained and the atmosphere thick with animosity.

But, there are infinite ways to flip this around even in the worse work environment.

So, I sometimes freelance for a remote company and I just found out that a certain IT employee is a retro movie buff and since has improved the quality of my home entertainment with some flicks I had never even heard of.

This gave us stuff to talk about and a great way to connect on many other topics.

By taking the time to get to know your coworkers and colleagues on a personal level, you will be surprised how inspirational their company can be.

Create Moments for Inspiration

This point is applicable on the personal and community level.

On a personal level, I try to sharpen my knowledge of current trends and such by research and plenty of reading in my spare time. But this goes for inspiring my team members, as well.

For example, my old boss would take my team to meetups with other professionals beyond our business to keep attuned to the current industry practices. These activities helped us to get an idea of what we are accomplishing and how we can stay at the forefront of our games.

A lot of other people like to add motivation in the everyday. Motivational images or even wall decals like these from Printing Jay are ideal and can really aid this. Especially if you’re working from home alone, this stuff could help you get into the zone faster.

Push Yourself

If you only do what you know or feel comfortable with, you will never move past the life you have now.

This might sound fine, but eventually, you will begin to feel like you are spinning your wheels and this saps valuable motivation.

Taking yourself beyond the comfort zone sometimes will help you harvest the strength and inspiration – much like the feeling you get from going through a really hard workout.

Be Sure to Regenerate

You can live to work, but…. Work must be kept in balance with the other very important aspects of your life.

This is something that cannot be emphasized enough: Rest Well!

This is not just crashing out for a few hours but actually investing your attention in improving your sleep and rest cycles.

Take an intuitive approach and feel your way around your energy reserves. If you feel that forging ahead on a certain project is stressing you out and making poor progress, walk away.

Take a moment or an hour to rest, put the stressful matter out of your mind and regenerate your energy. It is far better to take an hour to rest than forge ahead and risk many days of pure frustration and uphill battles.

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November 28, 2017