Top Tips For Moms Who Are Going Back To Work

Going back to work after maternity leave or just taking a career break can be a big change, especially if you have family. These tips are here to help you.


Talk To Your Childcare Provider About Sleep

Something that many parents do not talk to their childcare provider about is sleep such as daily naps.  However, this is important because your baby’s sleep is important.  You need to take the time to ask about naps, what the sleep schedule provider uses, where the naps take place and what happens if your child misses their nap.  It is ideal if you could get the childcare provider to give you a sample of the daily schedule so that you can plan your child’s time at home around the care facility schedule.


Start Planning For Feedings In Advance 

If you have been breastfeeding and want to continue after returning to work, you need to start introducing a bottle several weeks before you have to return.  The reason for this is that introducing the bottle can be tough and will take some time. You will also want to start pumping regularly for a few weeks before you head back to work. This will ensure that you have a supply in the freezer.

You should also take the time to talk to your employer about the pumping needs you have.  It is important to note that federal laws ensure that your employer has to allow you pumping breaks as well as a place to pump until your baby is 1 years old.  If you are not going to be continuing breastfeeding, getting your baby onto a bottle ahead of time will make the transition period much easier.


Practice Your New Weekday Routines Before Returning

When you head back to work, you will probably have to wake up earlier, adjust nap and feeding times as well as work out a different bedtime. This is something that you should practice a week or two ahead of time.  It will help ease your baby into the new routine and ensure that you are able to easily spot any problems ahead of time.  You will also find that doing this reduces the stress that you feel during the first week back at work. And if you feel overwhelmed with the new routine, here are a couple of tricks and tips to keep you motivated.


Get a Good Sleep

You need a good sleep, so doing all you can to ensure the quality of your own sleep is at the best possible standard is important. Follow a strict bedtime routine, eat lightly before going to bed and ensure your bed is comfortable with a new Tulo mattress for best results.


If Naps Are Not Working During The Week Plan Something Different

There are many children who do not sleep when they are in day-care and this can be a major issue. If you have this problem, you should look at an earlier bedtime during the week. You should also look at having a different sleep schedule on the weekends so that your child can catch up on the sleep that they have been missing during the week.

Of course, it is important to note that this is not ideal, but it is a good compromise.  Allowing your child to get more sleep over the weekend and go to sleep earlier during the week will limit the effects of sleep deficiency.

Be Aware Of Reverse Cycling

If you have been breastfeeding and are thinking of continuing once you return to work, you will become very focused on pumping.  Having a good supply of milk is important, but you should not forget about reverse cycling.  There are many working mothers who find that their baby’s go through reverse cycling when they return to work.

When this happens, your baby will start to feed more frequently at night and not eat much during the day.  This is a major problem for many mothers as it will interfere with their sleep.  However, there are other mothers who end up loving this because it allows them to have more breastfeeding bonding time with their child which not only increase the close relationship, but also keeps the milk supply up. Reverse cycling can also be a good thing if your baby does not like the bottle and will not drink from them regularly.


December 5, 2017