Working in Hong Kong: How to Catapult Your Personal and Professional Growth

Living abroad is one of the most challenging and potentially daunting experiences for many people and you can’t say that such feelings are not well-founded. Such changes are in most cases dramatic and some people are simply not ready to respond to such challenges. Still, the number of people looking for a job abroad has been increasing. How come?

Apart from those looking primarily for more attractive financial packages, there are people who highly value both personal and professional experience and what better way to enjoy the benefits than to leave your country of residence and move to a different country to be surrounded by a different culture, language and people? And what better destination than Hong Kong?


Once you leave your comfort zone, you have to adapt quickly. This process involves a lot of learning about the new environment, as well as tolerance. Especially when travelling to the east, where such qualities are highly thought of and nurtured. Hong Kong will greet you with open arms if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and respect the local culture. Since it’s one of the most cosmopolitan places on Earth, you’ll truly be working in the most diverse environment there is. To blend in well, you need to be respectful, patient and tolerant.

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Since Hong Kong is a very competitive market, with numerous international companies present, it’s safe to assume that only those who cut the mustard can find a job there. This could be a fantastic opportunity for you to develop professionally, especially if you’re still young and eager to learn. The local culture places great importance on learning and developing professionally, so those keen on expanding their horizons will have to look hard to find a better place for their professional growth.

Language learning

Apart from being immersed into a completely different culture, you’ll have to understand that there might be some language barriers involved in the process. Hong Kong nurtures language learning as one of the most important foundations of its development and English is definitely ruling the roost. One of the most renowned institutions is definitely the reputable Monkey Tree offering EFL courses, which might be a great opportunity for all those interested in EFL to both improve their owns skills and work in a truly international environment.


Living in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong is known to have more skyscrapers per square kilometre than any other place in the world, you need to be ready to live in a flat, rather than a house. Since you may have to settle for a place that is much smaller than the one you’re used to, you’ll have to be more resourceful, making sure you make the most of the limited space available. This is not necessarily bad, since it’s bound to help you understand how many things in life are actually redundant.


Getting a job in Hong Kong is the first sign of validation of your knowledge, expertise or potential. Making it there in a company such as Bonfilt is the next step that you should take. Just imagine climbing up the career ladder in such a fiercely competitive market and what it could do in terms of your self-confidence. Also, the fact that you can function normally in such a diverse environment should be a solid confirmation of your personal qualities. People living and working in Hong Kong are famous for their “work hard, party hard” motto and if you feel that’s something where you can see yourself, give it a try.

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Each place you move to requires some changes on your behalf. It’s not quite the same to live and work in two different cities in the same country, let alone in a country quite different from yours, where they may not speak your language or share the same values. Still, it’s at the same time a great opportunity for you to develop both personally and professionally. So, if that’s something you’re looking for, consider Hong Kong as your potential destination. It has so much to offer to you and it’s only up to you to reap the best benefits.

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December 7, 2018